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Recipe: Tasty Sauté Dry tofu and garlic chive 韭菜炒豆干#家常快 炒##Vegan#

Sauté Dry tofu and garlic chive 韭菜炒豆干#家常快炒##Vegan#. Don't overlook this delicious combo of flavorful tofu and fresh chives. Music By: The Defloristics - Back In The Days. Chives can make anything taste good, even dried tofu!

Sauté Dry tofu and garlic chive 韭菜炒豆干#家常快炒##Vegan# Learn how to cook simple and healthy recipes with Foodview! Parsley is a very fragrant kind of celery. It is rarely used in china before. You can have Sauté Dry tofu and garlic chive 韭菜炒豆干#家常快炒##Vegan# using 10 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Sauté Dry tofu and garlic chive 韭菜炒豆干#家常快炒##Vegan#

  1. It's 4 cups of garlic chive, cut into 1 inch length.
  2. Prepare 2 of dry tofu cake ~2 cups, shredded into 1 1/2 inch thin strips.
  3. You need 1/2 of onion, sliced.
  4. It's 1 cup of shredded pork or chicken (remove for began version).
  5. Prepare 1 tsp of five spice powder.
  6. You need 1 of garlic clove.
  7. You need 1.5 Tsp of Soy sauce.
  8. Prepare 1 Tsp of fish sauce.
  9. Prepare 2 tsp of toasted sesame oil.
  10. Prepare of salt and pepper.

Sauteed Chives with Dried Tofu (韭菜炒豆乾). Be the first to review "韭黄香干 Hotbed Chives with Dried Tofu Cord" Cancel reply. 鱼香三素 Mixed Vegetables in Spicy Garlic Sauce. Instructions Saute garlic with heated oil, add in all ingredients stated in Set A, fry until half-cooked Add in noodles, chard, cover with a lid and simmer until it dries up a little Select Category Braised Chicken Dessert Egg / Tofu Fried Noodle Pork Recipe Rice Seafood. There are spreads that are all tofu, or all nut based, but we decided to use a mix of tofu and nuts to boost the protein, texture, and flavour profile.

Sauté Dry tofu and garlic chive 韭菜炒豆干#家常快炒##Vegan# step by step

  1. Sauté Onion in olive oil until translucent. Adding a teaspoon of sugar could speed things up. Then add minced garlic and shredded dry tofu strips and keep stiring fry them. In the meantime season them with soy sauce and fish sauce..
  2. In the end, add garlic chives. Stir just until the chives withers. Drizzle with a little sesame oil. Serve with porridge or rice..

It also makes for a fantastic snack as a vegetable dip. A warning though: it'll can cause garlic breath. you've been warned. If you use a micro wave to re-heat some leftovers the next day (dish covered in plastic wrap), it will dry out the chives to much and they become to hard for an otherwise nice meal. Tofu, also known as bean curd, is a food prepared by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into solid white blocks of varying softness; it can be silken, soft, firm, or extra firm. Nira garlic chives go very well with eggs.

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