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Recipe: Yummy 匈牙利式炖鸡肉 Chicken Paprika

匈牙利式炖鸡肉 Chicken Paprika. Beef Goulash - Hungarian Beef Goulash Recipe - Paprika Beef Stew. Chicken paprikash (Hungarian: paprikás csirke or csirkepaprikás) or paprika chicken is a popular dish of Hungarian origin and one of the most famous variations on the paprikas preparations common to Hungarian tables. 例句 I order black pepper sirloin without any paprika. 我叫的是黑椒牛腰肉,不要放红椒。 Does the paprika chicken appeal to your appetite? 这道匈牙利辣子鸡合您的口味吗? Order your food or groceries from Teik Kee Chicken Rice (Aljunied) Delivery to your home or office Check full menu and items Safe & easy payment options.

匈牙利式炖鸡肉 Chicken Paprika What is chicken pox: In scientific term the chicken pox is known as the Varicella which is caused by the virus known as the Varicella Zoster which causes infection in the body and that leads to the chicken pox. Menyediakan tenpat tinggal. 阿翔放养鸡 Ah-Son Free-range Chicken. You can have 匈牙利式炖鸡肉 Chicken Paprika using 8 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of 匈牙利式炖鸡肉 Chicken Paprika

  1. You need of 鸡肉 Chicken (300g).
  2. You need of 马铃薯 Potato (2).
  3. Prepare of 萝卜 Carrot (1).
  4. Prepare of 番茄 Tomato (1).
  5. It's of 大葱 Onion (Half).
  6. You need of 辣椒粉 Paprika powder.
  7. Prepare of 牛油 Butter.
  8. Prepare of 酸乳酪 Yoghurt.

匈牙利式炖鸡肉 Chicken Paprika instructions

  1. 把萝卜,马铃薯和番茄切块 Cut carrot, potato and tomato into pieces.
  2. 用辣椒粉腌鸡肉10分钟 Marinate chicken with paprika powder for 10mins.
  3. 打开压力锅,加入牛油 Turn on pressure cooker and add in butter.
  4. 加入大葱,萝卜和马铃薯翻炒 Add in onion, carrot and potato, stir-fry.
  5. 加入番茄,鸡肉和约3汤匙的辣椒粉翻炒 Add in tomato, chicken and 3 tablespoon of paprika powder, stir-fry.
  6. 加入1碗清水,用压力锅煮15分钟 Add 1 bowl of water and cook in pressure cooker for 15mins.
  7. 15分钟后加入少许盐和1汤匙酸乳酪,慢火煮2分钟。After 15mins, add some salt and 1 tablespoon of yoghurt, cook for another 2mins with low heat.