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How to Cook Appetizing Grandma Hawkins' Banana Bread

Grandma Hawkins' Banana Bread. This buttery, moist bread is quick and easy to make needing only one bowl. Loaded with two cups of mashed banana this bread is the best use for those ripe bananas on the counter! Nothing is more comforting than a loaf of warm, fresh, homemade banana bread.

Grandma Hawkins' Banana Bread Add egg, oil, milk, sugar, and salt to the mashed bananas. In a small bowl, sift or whisk together baking soda, baking powder and flour. Grandma's Banana Bread is a great way to use up over ripe bananas. You can cook Grandma Hawkins' Banana Bread using 8 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Grandma Hawkins' Banana Bread

  1. It's of butter or margarin.
  2. Prepare of eggs, slightly beaten.
  3. It's of all purpose flour.
  4. Prepare of baking soda.
  5. Prepare of very ripe banana's.. u can use 5 bananas if u like.. I do.
  6. You need of sugar.
  7. You need of vanilla extract or for extra banana flavor instead use banana extract..
  8. You need of sour milk or buttermilk.

The recipe is very straightforward and we've had some lovely stories and feedback from you saying you've baked Grandma's Banana Bread with your son/daughter and they've enjoyed mixing the ingredients and of course, enjoyed eating their creation too. If you make extra, you can slice the cooled banana bread and pack in individual sandwich bags, then put all in a large freezer bag and you'll have snack-ready portions for whenever you want them. Divide the mixture into the two loaf pans. If the loaves begin to get too dark before they are done in the middle, cover with foil.

Grandma Hawkins' Banana Bread step by step

  1. preheat oven to 350°.
  2. mix all ingredients in a large bowl..
  3. grease and flour a large loaf pan..
  4. pour mix into said loaf pan about 3/4 full..
  5. let stand about 15 min. to let air bubbles rise up..
  6. bake for about 1hour or until toothpick comes out clean..
  7. serve.. u can serve warm with butter if u like..
  8. TIP: I like to cut mine in cubes and put into a server tray for easy on the go bite size pieces or for a party...
  9. tip: sometimes I add a 1/2tsp of cinnamon to the batch for a little something extra...
  10. tip: in this recipe u can add nuts, dried cherries, craisins, raisins or chocolate chips.. about 1 cup should do ya.. just mix in batter by hand just before pouring into bread pans..
  11. HINT: to bake in regular sized cupcake tins.. line with paper or spray with baking spray... fill 2/3 of the way and bake for about 20-25 min or until set and toothpick comes out clean..

The recipe hasn't changed- it's still perfect! I will say that I've […] Ingredients of Banana Bread. This classic Easy Banana Bread Recipe is so simple to make, tender, moist and perfectly sweet!! It is the perfect start to any morning or enjoy as an indulgent snack. If you love all things bread, try my Zucchini Bread next.